PixMax Badge Press & Cutter Bundle

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PixMax Badge Press & Cutter Bundle

✔ Interchangeable badge press ✔ FREE 720 components ✔ FREE UK P&P
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The ultimate bundle for making pin button badges of different sizes, with an interchangeable press and free components.
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This awesome badge making bundle is great for making badges in schools, starting a hobby or adding new products to your printing business.

It includes three PixMax badge cutters which trim your designs to the perfect circle shape, one for cutting 25mm, another for 37mm and the other for cutting 58mm. 

Plus, the PixMax badge press, which can be interchanged with the different sized pressing moulds and heads these are included in 25mm, 37mm and 58mm sizes.

Creating badges is a simple process and they are really versatile, as you can put any design, logo or picture on to a badge.

This epic bundle has everything you need to start making custom badges in your office, school or printing business, it incldues:

  • PixMax badge press; interchange with the variety of moulds and heads
  • 25mm, 37mm and 58mm moulds and press heads
  • PixMax 25mm badge cutter
  • PixMax 37mm badge cutter
  • PixMax 58mm badge cutter
  • FREE 300 x 25mm badge components
  • FREE 240 x 37mm badge components
  • FREE 180 x 58mm badge components

Most of our other PixMax products require you to use specialised paper or inks, but this badge making equipment is completely different. You can print directly from your computer onto standard copy or printer paper using your normal printer inks; this also keeps costs down and makes it a very simple process.

The free badge components include metal badge fronts, pin button backs and Mylar discs, to give your badge a glossy finish.

Badges can be created for fans of music, films or celebrities, to advertise a cause, business or charity, and in schools for awarding students or pupil name badges.

Badge Press Dimensions: 53cm high x 18cm wide x 28cm deep

Badge Cutter Dimensions: 14cm high x 18.5cm wide x 22cm deep

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